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Professional Labeling Machine Manufacturer

Labeling is the most important part of the product packaging, labeling can visually convey the product information to consumers, can greatly affect the consumer’s purchase decision, choose a high-quality labeling machine for your business has a very great help. gosunm as China’s top veteran labeling machine manufacturers, can maximize the degree of help you reduce the cost of decision-making and improve efficiency.

Gosunm offers complete automation solutions for the design, manufacture and installation of labeling machines and other supporting equipment to help companies eliminate traditional complex production processes, providing a one-stop shop for labeling and back-end packaging automation. Whether customers are labeling cartons, trays, bottles, bags, or other products, our intelligent integrated labeling automation solutions are ideal for applications in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, medical device, chemical, and other industries.

The Gosunm labeling solution consists of

Print and apply labeling solution is tailored to meet the demanding needs of e-commerce, warehousing, distribution, third-party logistics and other industries that require rapid movement, and high efficiency, accuracy and stability are our commitment to our partners.

The high (adaptive) speed labeling solution is specifically designed and engineered for medium to large commercial programs in high-volume production and packaging, with ultra-high speeds, long hours of continuous operation, and high quality performance in complex environments to ensure consistent throughput.

The bottle/can/tube labeling solution is a labeling machine designed specifically for cylindrical containers, capable of perfectly labeling bottles, cans, tubes, and other containers of various shapes, sizes, and materials.

The box/card/bag top (bottom) labeling solution automates the task of labeling the top, bottom, and sides of boxes, cards, cartons, bags, and other products.

Shrink sleeve labeling solution is capable of thermal application of shrink sleeve labels for all kinds of bottles, cans and other containers with high speed and good shrinking effect.

For custom labeling solution, we have created a special task force that specializes in solving complex labeling tasks in complex environments or complex product labeling tasks for our partners, our goal is to help our customers solve any complex labeling task.

Conveniently located R&D and manufacturing base

Our R&D and production center is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, the capital of China’s manufacturing industry. It is one of the most developed cities in China’s manufacturing industry, with excellent industrial cluster effect and perfect industrial chain. It is strategically located near the port, which saves transportation cost and shortens transportation time. And it reduces our overall carbon emissions, which has a positive impact on the environment.

Other business

In addition to labeling machines, Gosunm is also involved in DWS + parcel sorter, mask making machine, packaging machine, nonwoven products machine, etc. Our rich experience in manufacturing and multi-discipline applications allows us to better understand the needs of our partners and provide better quality machines and better services to our customers. We provide our customers with better quality machines and better service.

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