Print and Apply Labeling Machine

Print and apply labeling machines have a wide range of applications in e-commerce, retail, logistics, food, manufacturing and other industries.Gosunm print and apply labeling machines are characterized by high speed and high precision, and support function customization.

Print and Apply Labeling System

At present, common print and apply labeling machine can be divided into two categories of real-time printing and labeling machine and cache printing and labeling machine, the two are the same is the use of blank labels online to print the content and then labeling. Cache printing can be connected to the computer, through the software to edit the label content before printing and labeling. When a batch of products with a unified label, you can use the cache printing labeling method. Real-time printing and labeling labeling content is not fixed, the label content comes from the database or other devices to obtain information in real time, and then through the software conversion and transmission to complete the printing and labeling work. Each product corresponds to a different label, the corresponding label must be attached to the corresponding product, such as buyer A’s courier face sheet must be attached to buyer A’s package, the product and the label can not be wrong.

In general, the speed of cache printing and labeling is faster than real-time printing and labeling. You can choose the right printing and labeling machine according to your actual needs. If your own needs are not clear, you can also contact our product experts, we will recommend the most suitable machine according to your products, needs, location and budget.

Real-time Print and Apply Label Applicator - 1
Print and Apply Labeling Host
Print and Apply Label Applicator
Flat Printing Suction Sticker Labeling Machine
Printing and Press Stick Labeler
Rolling Paster Printing and Labeling Machine
Printing and Rolling Paster Labeler
Flat Printing and Blowing Labeling Machine
Printing and Air Blowing Labeler
Square Drum Side Print and Apply Labeling Machine
Side Printing and Roll-on Labeling Machines
Carton Corner Print and Apply labelling Machine
Carton Corner Printing and Labeling Machine
Print and Apply Labeling Machine with Weighing and Scanning
RFID Label Print and Apply
Height Adaptive Real-Time Print and Apply Labeler
Height Adaptive Print and Apply Labeler
Box Sealing Machine + Real-Time Print and Apply Pressure Labeling Machine
Box Sealing Machine + Print and Apply Pressure Labeler
Print and Apply Labeling Machine for Large Drum with Positioning Labeling
Cache Printing and Pagination Flat Labeling Machine
Cache Printing and Paging Labeler
Cache Printing Dual Label Applicator Flat Corner Labeling Machine
Cache Printing Dual Label Applicator Corner Labeler
Flat labeler + cache printer
Cache Printer and Labeler

Gosunm is a supplier and manufacturer of printing and application labeling solutions with numerous partners around the world. This system prints on-demand labels with bar code information, logistics information or other information and then applies the labels to a wide range of items.
Gosunm has its own spare parts processing workshop with a high degree of customization and ability to solve problems for each of its partners. Our engineers are active all over the world to create and enhance value for our partners.

Modular Print and Apply Labeling Machine Solutions

Gosunm is a leader in the print and apply labeling machine industry and is the top service provider and manufacturer of production line labeling solutions in China.Gosunm is a technology oriented company and the principals of the company are known for their technology with more than 20 years of experience in the industry.
Gosunm’s R&D department has designed a modular print and apply labeling system based on a large number of partner applications and special customization needs. The system consists of two main components

  • A mainframe with integrated print engine and label applicator.
  • Various modular labeling components designed to match the labeling method.
Print and Apply Labeling Host

By combining the print and apply host and modular labeling components, you can create a real-time print and apply labeling machine that is suitable for a wide variety of applications and needs.

Pneumatic Press Stick
Corner sticker
Corner sticker
Motorised Press Sticker
Air blow Sticker
Air Blow Sticker
Swing Arm Apply Module
Right Angle Double Sided Stickers
Right Angle Double Sided Stickers
rolling paster mode
Three-module Stickers
Three-module Stickers

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