What you need to know about labeling machines?

What is a labeling machine?

Different types of labeling machines

A labeling machine is a machine used to apply labels to products or packages, also known as a labeling system or labeler, is a complete solution for all industrial package labeling tasks. Labeling machines have a wide range of applications and are used to apply labels to most commercial products and their packaging in many industries such as food and beverage, household chemicals, pharmaceuticals, office supplies, consumer electronics, apparel, warehousing and logistics, and agriculture. Labelers with print engines can also produce text and graphics such as simple bar codes, 2D codes, and vivid images and company logos.

Semi-automatic and automatic labeling machines

Semi-automatic labeling machines require the operator and the machine to work together to complete the labeling task. For example, the operator places the product in the designated position of the labeling machine and then triggers the machine. After the machine automatically completes the task of separating the label from the liner and labeling the product, the operator removes the product and completes the entire labeling task. The design of this machine is more compact and suitable for small business programs.

The automatic labeler performs almost all of the labeling steps by the machine, leaving the operator responsible only for loading and changing labels, or if the machine is used in a docking line, the operator is responsible only for label changing tasks. This type of machine typically uses a linkage where a conveyor delivers the product and a label applicator automatically applies the label to the product before moving on to the next step. Automatic labelers are more suitable for high-volume production environments that require high labeling accuracy.

Which series are available for Gosunm labeling machines?

Usually, the label on the labeling machine is pre-printed, the labeling machine is only responsible for the label attached to the product. In some industries or products where the label content information is not fixed, conventional labeling machines can not meet this requirement. In the label applicator integrated printing engine can realize the integration of printing and labeling, can real-time information from the printing to the label, and then complete the labeling work. In the e-commerce, warehousing and logistics industry has a wide range of applications.

According to customer needs, the printing and labeling machine can then label the top, bottom, side or corner of the product, according to the characteristics of the product, and can choose to blow paste, pressure paste, roll paste, corner paste and swing arm paste method to distribute the printed labels.

The speed and accuracy of labeling is a particularly important aspect of mass production, and Gosunm’s high speed labeling series is suitable for high standard labeling applications. Conveyor speeds of up to 200m/min can meet the needs of most companies. In addition, it can support self-adapting speed labeling, where the label applicator automatically adapts to the speed of the conveyor, making it more suitable for complex production environments.

This labeling system can apply labels to the top, bottom, or top and bottom surfaces of a product. In this system, top, bottom, or side labeling can be achieved by adjusting the position of the label applicator. Multiple labels can be applied by increasing the number of label applicators. Corner labeling can be achieved by using different modules of label applicators.

The biggest advantage of shrink sleeve labeling machine is that it can be applied to bottles of almost any shape and size, and the high efficiency of this type of equipment and the low cost of labeling provide the greatest flexibility in marketing the product.
In the food and beverage industry, the appearance of the bottle design will be very creative, the shape is more varied, conventional labels can not be perfectly attached to the bottle, while the label content design will have certain limitations, the cost will also be higher. Low-cost heat shrink labels are ideal for such bottles, which can be fully and evenly attached to the surface of the bottle, and the design of the pattern on it can be more distinctive, which can better display the packaging and design of the bottle.

In addition to labeling conventional products, Gosunm’s technical reserves and application cases over the years support the provision of customized services for customers’ special labeling needs.
Gosunm has an R&D team that can provide various ingenious designs and is ready to help customers overcome various challenges. The rich experience and perfect technology make Gosunm a popular expert and manufacturer in the industry.
As long as you provide us with product information, we can provide you with the best labeling solution.

Labeling is an important aspect of product packaging, identification, display and traceability in the industrial production process, as well as a medium for manufacturers to communicate product information directly to consumers through their products, which can greatly influence customers’ purchasing decisions.Gosunm is an innovative equipment manufacturer that drives product innovation with technology iteration to satisfy customers’ needs as its top priority. Our extensive manufacturing and application experience can help you minimize decision cost and time, and improve efficiency. Contact our product specialists for personalized advice on labeling solutions.

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