Rotary Position-requested Labeling Machine 48,000BPH​

Rotary Position-requested Labeling Machine 48,000BPH

Rotary labeling machine is a kind of high efficiency automatic labeling equipment, which is driven by high power servo motor and adopts rotary motion to realize labeling. It can be used to label the outer surface of various round and square containers, and one to three labels can be applied according to different models chosen by customers. Stable running speed of 48,000 bottles/hour, supports stepless speed regulation, can be matched with the filling machine, greatly improving the productivity of the whole line.

Gosunm focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of packaging automation production line, and is one of the most professional labeling machine manufacturers in China, with deep technical accumulation and a large number of customer application cases on gyrating labeling machine.


Rotary Position-requested Labeling Machine 48,000BPH

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