Customized Labeling Machine

Labeling is one of the most important aspects of packaging, and great packaging labels often require special design and use with custom labeler.

Customized Labeling Machine Applications

Gosunm began to engage in the labeling machine R & D and manufacturing in 2007, in the ten years, the core team involved in a variety of industries in a large number of labeling machine application cases, for countless partners to perfectly solve the problem of packaging and labeling, and has accumulated valuable experience.

In the collision with thousands of partners of all kinds of needs, Gosunm has accumulated a wealth of experience to help customers solve the labeling problems of special labels.

The rich industry experience and excellent customization ability are trusted by our partners. Now, I will introduce some mature application cases.

Customized Labeling Machine
High Precision Labeler
Mobile Phone Film Labeler
4 Label Applicator Side Labeler
Fruit labeling machine
Fruit Labeler
Top Surface Double Label Applicator
Cache Print Dual Label Applicator
Adaptive speed cotton swab double side labeling machine
Adaptive peed otton wab ouble ide Labeler
Print and Apply Labeling Machine with Weighing and Scanning
Test tube labeling machine
Test Tube Labeler
Labeling machine for cotton swabs with visual inspection
Cotton Swab Labeler with Visual Inspection
Facial Mask Labeler
RFID Label Print and Apply Labeler
Height Adaptive Real-Time Print and Apply Labeler
Height Adaptive Real-Time Print and Apply Labeler
Box Sealing Machine + Print and Apply Pressure Labeler
Top Surface Cache Print and Apply Labeler
Cache Print and Paging Labeler
Four Applicator Real-time Print and Apply Labeling Machine for Large Drum with Positioning Labeling
Four Applicator Print and Apply Labeler for Large Drum
Box Sealing Machine + Print and Apply Pressure Labeler
Automatic Folding Instructions + Labeling
Pillow wrapping machine + labeling
Pillow Bagging Machine + Labeling

Why Choose Gosunm Customized Labeler?

  • Strong R&D team.Gosunm’s R&D team members are all from famous universities in China, with rich experience in mechanical design, and are ready to help our customers fight against various challenges.
  •  Organic combination of hardware and software. Strong hardware and software adaptability, all labeling machines can be customized to adaptive speed labeling and other functions.
  • Perfect service system. Product demand follow-up, equipment manufacturing, assembly and commissioning, on-site (remote) machine inspection, partner factory assembly and commissioning, after-sales service, each link we have to do our best to provide partners with the best quality service.
  • Gosunm has a very high pursuit of product quality, and strives for every link and every part to be carefully polished.

In the modern industrial system, labeling is one of the most important aspects of product packaging, labels can intuitively convey product information to consumers, in the modern product packaging has a very wide range of applications, can greatly affect the consumer’s purchase decision, choose a high-quality labeling machine for your business has a very great help.

In e-commerce, logistics, fresh delivery, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, beauty, beverage, industrial production, the figure of the labeling machine can be seen everywhere, every day there are hundreds of millions of labels through the Gosunm equipment applied to the product, which greatly improves the efficiency of partners.

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