Rotary Position-requested Labeling Machine 60,000BPH​

Rotary Position-requested Labeling Machine 60,000BPH

It is suitable for labeling the outer surface of all kinds of round and square containers. According to different models selected by customers, one to three labels can be applied, such as front label, back label and bottle neck label. The machine can realize labeling at specified position, and can be equipped with optional ribbon coder and code printer to realize printing of production date and batch number information on the labels, so as to realize integration of labeling and coding. It has a very wide range of applications in food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, electronic and other industries.

The machine has been awarded more than ten national technology patents, advanced and solid mechanical structure can meet the production needs of most enterprises, is a highly efficient, intelligent labeling equipment.


Rotary Position-requested Labeling Machine 60,000BPH

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