Difference Between Electric and Steam Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

Steam Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine
Steam shrink tunnel

Shrink sleeve labeling machine as the back-end packaging technology content of one of the equipment, due to its dexterous and unique design, excellent and stable performance, man-machine coordination of the safety mode, favored by the industry, in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, spices, fruit juices, injectable needles, milk, refined oils and other fields have a wide range of applications.

Shrink sleeve labeling machine is due to the characteristics of heat shrink film, that is, when heated to shrink significantly, so that the label made of heat shrink film along the outer contour of the container contraction, tightly attached to the surface of the container. Common heat shrink labels are PE, PET, PETG, PVC and so on.

The heat shrink tunnel of the labeling machine is an important part of the system of the labeling machine, which is mainly used for the heat shrink treatment of the labels, so that the labels can be tightly attached to the product. Sleeve labeling machine heat shrink oven according to different heating methods can be divided into electric shrink oven and steam shrink oven, both applicable products and features are different, according to the characteristics of the product and the performance requirements of the machine and other conditions to be selected.

  • Heat shrinking is different. A steam sleeve labeler generates steam by boiling water and directing the steam into the space inside the steam shrink oven. The steam is in direct contact with the label material being shrunk and transfers heat energy to the label by conduction. The high temperature of the steam and the pressure inside the oven cause the internal molecules of the label material to rearrange to create the shrink effect. The shrunken label fits tightly onto the container, completing the labeling process. Electric shrink labels and steam shrink labels work on roughly the same principle, the difference lies in the different ways to obtain heat energy, one is through the steam to transfer heat energy, one is through the electric heating element to transfer heat energy.
  • Applicable products are different. Steam sleeve labeling machine is suitable for all liquid products and products that require high productivity, such as mineral water, wine, tea, fruit juice, sports drinks, coffee drinks and so on. Electric heat labeling machine is suitable for all dry products that can not see water, such as filling biscuits, filling tea, sealing tape, electric tape, filling cotton swabs, sewing portion of thread dough, biscuits and so on.
  • Different labeling shrinkage effect. Steam labeling machine is a bit of steam can be uniform and gentle heating of the labeling material, so that it can be smooth, uniform shrinkage and fit to the product, in dealing with the shrinkage effect of special materials that require high requirements or the need for high-precision lamination of the occasion may be more advantageous. The electric heating sleeve labeling machine is heated by the electric heating element, has the advantages of fast heating speed, high-precision temperature control, suitable for products that require rapid shrinkage of the label.
  • Shrinking speed is different. Steam labeling machine heat shrinking speed is slower and more uniform, large area labels, shrinkage of products requiring high precision is more suitable for steam labeling machine. Electric sleeve labeling machine heat shrinking process is very fast, more suitable for small labels, such as sauce bottles bottle top tamper evident sealing labels.

Overall, steam sleeve labeling machine and electric sleeve labeling machine have their own advantages, in the choice of which machine, must be based on specific production needs, product characteristics and ease of operation and maintenance and other factors for comprehensive consideration. Gosunm mastered the core technology, is China’s sleeve labeling machine and even the packaging machinery industry experts in the field, if you still have doubts about the choice of sleeve labeling machine, you can contact us to get one-on-one help from the experts. If you still have doubts about the choice of sleeve labeling machine, you can contact us to get one-on-one help from experts.

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