Bottle/Can/Tube Labeling Machine

Can be used for labeling any bottle.

Bottle/Can/Tube Labeler

Bottle/can/tube labeling machine are often used to label the side of cylindrical bodies such as cylinders, cones, and square bottles. Single labeling, double labeling and multi-labeling can be achieved by adjusting the number and position of label applicators. It has a wide range of applications in food, cosmetics, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. Commonly used in wine bottles, beer bottles, soda bottles, cosmetics, medicine bottles and many other products labeling.

Gosunm has a professional team to provide technical support to our partners, and our implementation engineers travel all over the world to provide the ultimate service to our partners. In our headquarters in Guangdong, China, we have more than 20,000 square meters of factory, and more than 200 colleagues working in the R&D office, production workshop, and comprehensive service building to continuously create value for our partners.

Gosunm has a lot of experience in labeling machines, and the current technology reserve is capable of labeling most of the products. The picture above is the labeling scheme of some bottles/jars/test tubes, we have abundant application cases. If your product has a novel appearance, you can also contact us and we will arrange a product specialist to do individual customization for you.

Bottle/Can/Tube Labeling Machine Applications

GST-211 Series - Designed for high-speed labeling of regular cylindrical surfaces.

GST-211 series high speed bottle labeling machine is divided into desktop high speed bottle labeling machine GST-211T and vertical type high speed bottle labeling machine GST-211, which is used to wrap labels around round bottles and other cylinders and regular hexahedrons and octahedrons that can be placed vertically and stably. During labeling, the labeled container passes continuously and rapidly through the conveyor belt without stopping, and the label is quickly covered and wrapped around the surface of the container. The labeling speed is up to 150 labels per minute.

Desktop High Speed BottleLabeler
GST-211 rolling bottle labeler
Fast Speed Labeler for Jar
Fast Speed Labeler for Clear Glue
Fast Speed Bottle Labeler with Collection table

GST-212 Series - has excellent compatibility for labeling cylindrical and conical containers, supports multi-label labeling, supports transparent labeling, and features high accuracy.

GST-212 multi-function bottle labeling machine series can also be categorized into table type and vertical type. It is used to wrap labels around cylinders and cones that can be placed in a stable manner. When the container reaches the label dispensing point, the pressure pad clamps the container and drives it to rotate, and the label dispensing time is guided by a sensor to improve labeling accuracy.The 212 series is powerful and versatile.

  • Multiple labels can be applied to containers at the same time, such as bottle front labels, bottle back labels, bottle neck labels, cap labels, or cap closure labels.
  • The sensor can realize labeling in the same position of uniform specification containers with high labeling precision, and the label surface is neat and more beautiful.
  • Labeling on the surface of containers with a certain degree of taper.
  • Transparent labeling can be realized.
GST-212T desketop bottle labeler
Desktop Bottle Labeler
GST-212T desketop bottle labeler
Desktop Labeler Application for Glass Bottle
GST-212T desketop bottle labeler
Desktop Labeler Application for Taper Bottle
GST-212T desketop bottle labeler
Desktop Labeler Application for Plastic Bottle
Desktop Labeler Application for Jar
Desktop Labeler Application for Paper Bowl
Desktop Bottle Labeler (Double Label)
High precision labeling machine
Labeler Application for Metal Jar
Bottle front, back, neck labeling
Labeler Application with Bottle Front, Back, Neck Labeling
Round Bottle Clear Labeling Application
High Speed Bottle Labeling machine
Visual Positioning Round Bottle abeler
bottle labeler with collection table
Bottle Labeler with bottle labeler with Collection Table
Labeler with Bottle Unscrambler
Bottle Labeler for Jar
Bottle Labeler for Jar
Dual label applicators for alternate labeling
Dual Label Applicators for Alternate Labeling
Bottle Labeling & Cap Tamper-evident Labeling
Bottle and cap labeling
Bottle and Cap Labeling

GST-219 - More suitable for the labeling of long and thin tubular containers

centrifugal (machine)
Horizontal bottle labeling

Part 1– Elevator feeding

Part 2 – Centrifuge sorting bottles

Part 3 – Labeling

Elevator+Centrifuge+Horizontal round bottle labeling machine
Elevator+Centrifuge+Horizontal Round Bottle Labeling Machine
Horizontal Round Bottle Labeling machine
Horizontal Round Bottle Labeling Machine

GST-250——Bottle cap, bottle shrink sleeve labeling machine

membrane covering sth.
shrink sleeve

Shrink sleeve labeling machine can be divided into electric shrinking and steam shrinking according to different heating methods. The main difference between the two is that the PET shrink film with different heating and shaping. Electric heat labeling machine is generally applicable to dry products, PET film can be directly after shaping packing boxes. Steam heating and shaping way is more used in the water nature of the product, there is a sterilization effect. In special cases, there is also a mixture of the two. Let Gosunm’s product experts help you choose the most suitable shrink sleeve labeling machine.

Steam Shrink Sleeve Labeler
Horizontal round tube labeling machine
Horizontal Round Tube Labeler
Compressed Bath Towel Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine
Compressed Bath Towel Shrink Sleeve Labeler
Petri dish shrink sleeve labeling machine
Petri Dish Shrink Sleeve Labeler
Shrink Sleeve Labeler
Shrink Sleeve Labeler
Oyster Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine
Oyster Shrink Sleeve Labeler
Transparent Tape (3 rolls) Shrink Sleeve Labeling + Sticker Labeling
Shrink sleeve labeling machine for coils of tin wire
Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine for Coils of Tin Wire
Steam Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine
Steam Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine 36,000BPH

GST-712--Flat bottle/square bottle/crate double side labeling machine

shampoo double sidel labeling

712 double-sided labeling machine is suitable for labeling flat and square bottles, commonly used for double-sided labeling of shower gel, shampoo, lubricant and wine bottles.

double side labeling machine
Shampoo Double Side Labeler
Flat Bottle Double Side Labeler

GST-413 - Optimal solution for labeling small commercial round bottles

semi-auto bottle labeling machine
Semi-auto Bottle Labeler

Custom labeler--Support customization for special needs, short delivery time

Test tube labeling machine
Test Tube Labeler
Real Time Print and Apply Labeler (4 Label Applicator)

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