Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

With excellent high-speed stability performance, unique dexterity design, man-machine harmony of the safety mode, has been fully confirmed by the majority of customers.

Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine Applications

Sleeve labeling is a kind of heat shrinking treatment for PVC/PET film by controlling the temperature, so that the label can completely and evenly cover the surface of the bottle, and the shrinkage rate can be up to 15%. It has a wide range of application in food and beverage, pharmaceutical, daily chemical and other light industry, whether it is round, square, curved bottles or slender tubular containers or other containers, it can be perfectly applied.

membrane covering sth.
shrink sleeve
Steam Shrink Sleeve Labeler
Horizontal round tube labeling machine
Horizontal Round Tube Labeler
Compressed Bath Towel Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine
Compressed Bath Towel Shrink Sleeve Labeler
Petri dish shrink sleeve labeling machine
Petri Dish Shrink Sleeve Labeler
Shrink Sleeve Labeler
Shrink Sleeve Labeler
Oyster Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine
Oyster Shrink Sleeve Labeler
Transparent Adhesive (3 rolls) Shrink Sleeve Labeling + Sticker Labeling
Shrink sleeve labeling machine for coils of tin wire
Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine for Coils of Tin Wire
Steam Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine
Steam Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine 36,000BPH

Shrink sleeve labeling machine can be divided into electric shrinking and steam shrinking according to different heating methods. The main difference between the two is that the PET shrink film with different heating and shaping. Electric heat labeling machine is generally applicable to dry products, PET film can be directly after shaping packing boxes. Steam heating and shaping way is more used in the water nature of the product, there is a sterilization effect. In special cases, there is also a mixture of the two. Let Gosunm’s product experts help you choose the most suitable shrink sleeve labeling machine.

Equipment Features

1. Suitable for all kinds of bottles of fruit juice, tea drinks, dairy products, pure water, condiments, beer, sports drinks and other food and beverage industry, not only the set of labeling position with high accuracy, and shrinkage can be more prominent after the bottle to improve the bottle shape.、

2. Highly stable mechanical structure: the whole machine adopts stainless steel protective frame cover and aluminum alloy rigid body frame, stable and rust-free.

3. Multi-bottle type flexible choice: can set round, square, oval bottles, etc., can also choose to set the bottle mouth or bottle body.

4. Unique synchronized cutter holder, within the specification range, no need to change the cutter holder. If you need to change the specification, it can be done quickly in 5 minutes.

5. Wide application range: suitable for food, beverage, detergent, pharmaceutical, wine bottles and other kinds of plastic bottles, glass bottles, PVC, PET, PS, tin cans and other containers.

6. High quality positioning accuracy: full mechanical transmission design, the use of forced sleeve labeling, a variety of film material 0.030MM over the film thickness are applicable, the film material inner diameter of 5 – 10 range can be adjusted.

7. Low maintenance cost of consumables: the machine adopts low-cost discarded blade, easy to replace, low cost burden.

8. Reliable after-sales service: the machine has a variety of spare parts warehouse are spare parts, can be provided at any time, as well as experienced engineers to provide you with technical support.

9. The shape is exquisite and beautiful, the overall structure is strong, and the use is easier and more flexible.

10. Exclusive design of reciprocating cutter, the adoption of institutional rigid body combination, smooth movement, tool life doubled.

11. Simple center column positioning, easy to replace the specifications, easy to use the operator, control simple and easy to understand, easy to learn, completely avoiding the user’s troubles.

12. Leading the industry’s new structural design, quality is more solid, never existing domestic products can be compared.

13. The machine structure components are simple and generous, to ensure a low failure rate, maintenance is easy.

14. The whole series of safety body safety protection frame, really thoughtful design.

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